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Unofficial Review in 2007 To UK embassy in Colombo against a Student Visa Refusal

The 2nd Secretary, Immigration.
British High Commission.

Dear Sir,
                  Report a Genuine Mistake in the Refusal for a Quick Review

As a registered recruitment agent/consultant of the North East Wales Institute of Higher Education (NEWI) - a full member of the University of Wales, we have counseled a total of six (6) students for January 2007 entry. Five(5) of these students have had their visa's granted, thanks to BHC Colombo, but this student had his visa's refused. Both NEWI and we firmly believe that this student is a genuine candidate, and possess the ability and intentions to study in the UK at Master's level as prayed in his application.

We therefore humbly request that you re-consider the reasons behind your visa refusal for this student at your earliest convenience.

REFUSAL NO     :--   COL  / 2449XX
FULL NAME       :--   J B Anuradha K Bandara
PASSPORT NO   :--   N 14122XX

01.      Dear Sir, The ECO's Refusal mainly based on the fact that he was " not satisfied about the funds shown are sufficient for 1-year study in UK."

The applicant has shown £ 7515, other than the amount already paid to NEWI £. 6450  ( Its together £. 13,965). Unfortunately, by mistake, the ECO has NOT CONCERNED OR NOT SEEN the total amount paid to the NEWI, £. 6450  (Please Refer, Sections 7 & 9 of the Covering Letter) The position was already mentioned in the NEWI's Unconditional Offer Letter too. 

02.      The ECO also was not satisfied about " Why the applicant chosen MBA, how MBA will benefit his future, whether the expenditure match with his economical circumstances."

We, believe that, may be the ECO has not seen explanations in the Covering Letter as it was pages long.  (Please Refer, Sections 4 & 8 of the Covering Letter)

Dear Sir, we humbly request you to re-consider your ECO's decision and grant Student Visa for this Student Applicant.

  Result -- Review was allowed / Student Visa Granted

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